Why settle for bridges and dentures when dental implants can restore strength and functionality so similar to your real teeth?

Dental bridges and dentures are a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Although improved materials offer a more natural appearance, both options have limited functionality and ongoing problems with slippage, strength and fit.  Even with today’s advanced technology, dentures and bridges can still cause problems.

Why settle for bridges and dentures when dental implants can restore strength and functionality so similar to your real teeth? Implants offer the look and feel of a mouth full of real teeth, because the prosthetics are actually anchored to the jaw bone, preventing slippage and fit problems so common with dentures and removable bridges. Additionally, dentures can make you look—and feel – older than you really are, and can cause pain when chewing and other dental issues such as an abscess as the old dentures cause wear and tear on gums and the soft palate.

Dental implants are perfect for individuals who wear dentures. Truthfully, fewer people even need to wear full dentures anymore because dental techniques have made such advancements. If you wear older dentures that need to be replaced, consider replacement with dental implants.

Implant Types
Different types of dental implants are available. The American Dental Association considers both the endosteal and the subperiosteal implants to be acceptable, but only your consultation with Dr. Mathew can determine for sure which type is right for you.

An important factor for dental implant selection is the determination as to whether your jawbone can adequately support the implant. Most dental implants placed today are endosteal root form fixtures (similar to a man-made tooth root).

Choosing the Right Dentist
Implant treatment consists of two components: a surgical phase and a restorative phase. In the past, several different types of dental professionals were required to complete the implant procedure. However, as implant dentistry has become more sophisticated, a dentist like Dr. Mathew who has advanced training in restorative dentistry is qualified to perform the entire procedure.

When considering dental implants, select a dentist with in-depth knowledge and prior experience in all aspects of dental implant procedures. At Artisan Dentistry, we have this expertise. Dr. Mathew has extensive specialized training in advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments from the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Mathew received his DDS from New York University College of Dentistry and has maintained his passion and enthusiasm for dentistry and his sincere interest in his patients throughout his practice. He brings his patients only the best that dentistry has to offer by keeping himself and his staff informed on the latest advances and techniques.

Why not let Dr. Mathew provide your dental implants and end your discomfort with ill-fitting dentures and bridges? Please contact us today at Artisan Dentistry in Salem, New Hampshire and Newburyport, Massachusetts to schedule your free consultation.


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